Looking for an Extended Auto Warranty With no Waiting Period?

If you have been looking for an extended auto warranty with no waiting period, you may have thought you were out of luck.

Most extended warranty programs have a 30 day and/or 1,000 mile waiting period.

Not olive®.

Olive® has just announced a new service that covers your car from breakdowns with no waiting period available in California coming April 13th, 2020. That’s right-no waiting period-if you sign up today it goes into effect after midnight. If your car is registered outside of California we will be providing comparable coverage throughout the US in the coming months. Our California mechanical breakdown insurance extends the coverage for up to 185,000 miles, with manageable monthly payments. That’s right-if you have a California registered vehicle you can sign up today and be covered by 12:01 am tomorrow against mechanical breakdowns with just one online payment.

And don’t worry, it is not a watered down, “drivetrain only” plan. olive® our plans are comprehensive and customizable. As long as your car is 11 years old or less, and currently has less than 140,000 miles you can be covered against mechanical breakdown insurance after your car manufacturer’s warranty runs out. We will cover you for up to 185,000 miles with no yearly mileage restriction. Do you have 60,000 miles? No problem, a 3 year plan with us covers you for 3 years and an additional 120,000 miles!

If you would like to get a quote now click on the button below (coming April 13th, 2020). The easy online process takes only 1 minute (sometimes less) and provides pricing for your specific vehicle. If you like what you see, choose your option, pay online and you will be covered by 12:01am tomorrow morning.

You can also call one of our customer advocates to discuss your extended warranty options at 1-888-olive® it (888-654-8348).

How do we extend your car warranty with no waiting period?

First of all it is important to understand that when you purchase what is referred to as an “extended warranty”, unless you are purchasing it from the dealer, they are called by a different name.

In California, what people refer to as an extended car warranty when purchased outside of a dealer is actually called “mechanical breakdown insurance” (or MBI). The benefit of these plans is that they are regulated by the state of California, which requires them to be backed by an insurance company. olive’s mechanical breakdown insurance is comprehensive like many good bumper to bumper manufacturer’s warranties, but you can use it anywhere across the US and Canada, and it covers used cars for up to 185,000 miles.

Outside of California these “extended car warranties” are called vehicle service contracts (or VSCs, when not purchased from the dealer). These are very similar to mechanical breakdown insurance plans, but are sold outside of California and may not come under the same scrutiny as MBIs. However, olive’s VSCs which will be coming this fall will be backed by the same high standards you can trust for our California mechanical breakdown insurance plans.

You can learn all about extended car warranties, mechanical breakdown insurance and vehicle service contracts on the California Department of Insurance Website.

Who is olive®?

Olive® owns and operates Olive® Insurance Solutions. For nearly 20 years our company and its affiliates have been providing mechanical breakdown coverage for vehicles in a consumer friendly way. In 2020 we launched olive.com® to take our coverage and products to the next level with a fully digital offering built to serve you. We are a consumer informed product provider, seeking to offer the best product at the right time in a transparent manner. Our products, customer service, and reputation for excellence have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’ve partnered with some of the insurance industry’s largest companies to back us. We’re in the business of helping you live life covered!

More details on olive’s vehicle service contract plans for the rest of the US will be coming soon. If you would like to be notified when they are available please shoot us an email at info@olive.com and we will make sure we keep you in the loop.

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