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You deserve an affordable vehicle repair plan from a company that has your back. When shopping around for auto breakdown coverage, evaluate the provider by asking these questions.


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Accidents happen, but breakdowns are 50x more likely.

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Annette T

Leticia was patient, kind, knowledgeable and caring about my experience with your company. She went above and beyond to meet my needs. I had a complicated issue and was very frustrated. She de-escalated my frustration and walked me through the entire process and went and got assistance to get my issue resolved. She called me back with all the details.


William M.

Very informative and the prices are good. Tried other Car Shield type plans, olive is the only one that did service in California.


Linds K.

Had an excellent experience. Olive is one of the best rated warranty companies. The representative was knowledgeable and got me set up in minutes. Really excellent service.


Donna P.

I was worried until my service writer said “no problem” after calling for authorization. From then on it was seamless and efficient. My Olive warranty is the best thing that’s happened for my car and the most worry free purchase I’ve made in a long time.


Efrain A.

I have searched many companies and could not really find one that would cover in California. I found them and they answered my questions quickly. Very easy to sign up.


David G.

I had a great experience with Olive. I went from considering warranty to being fully covered in 15 minutes. Thank you Barbra so much for your help!!


Claudia P.

Very happy Representative, Barbara Guerra, contacted me regarding auto maintenance on our Jeep Compass. She was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding my needs. I most definitely will tell family and friends about Olive auto warranty repairs.


Ann A.

Arnie, was a great professional making sure to answer all my questions. Never made me feel like I wasn’t important but took his time to make sure I understood what I could expect from him and the company. GREAT JOB!!!!!


Peggy H.

I experienced a call and assistance from a wonderful agent Barbara. Excellent customer service, patient and answered my concerns. Thank you

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“Getting a supplemental warranty was very affordable. $500 deductible. I think I pay $15 a month- it was a no-brainer.”

– Ron

Top questions about extended car warranty solutions

What is the difference between a car warranty and an extended car warranty?

Even though many of us have had a car warranty at some point, and maybe even an extended car warranty, many people are not sure what the difference is between the two. This article will provide detailed answers to many of your questions. We also provide information about manufacturer’s warranties vs. extended car warranties vs. mechanical breakdown insurance and vehicle service contracts. For example, most people are unaware that technically you cannot buy an “extended car warranty” from anyone outside of except the original manufacturer of the vehicle. The official term is “vehicle service contract (VSC)”, with the exception of California, where it is called “mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI). Keep in mind that when we refer to the olive.com® breakdown coverage we are referring to MBIs and VSCs. Learn more…

How is olive.com® different?

At olive.com®, we believe that coverage for your vehicle should be easy and transparent. We believe we should earn your business every month. That’s why we provide specific quotes for your vehicle 100% online for your repair coverage with easy monthly payments you can cancel anytime. You can get your quote in less than one minute, without having to speak to anyone. Of course, if you need assistance you can call one of our helpful coverage advocates for no pressure guidance. Whether you are in need of mechanical breakdown insurance or a vehicle service contract, olive.com® has you covered. We don’t cover every vehicle, but if yours is 10 years old or newer with less than 140,00 miles use our online quote tool to see to see if you qualify for our coverage up to 185,000 miles with no yearly mileage restrictions. It only take a few seconds and we guarantee we will never robocall you. You don’t even have to give us your phone number to get a quote! Get Your Rate Now

What is an extended car warranty?

Many people believe they are purchasing an extended car warranty, whether it is from the dealer or third party. However, unless you have an extended warranty backed by a manufacturer, which is very rare, what you are actually looking for is mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) or a vehicle service contract (VSC). These are products that are only as good as the company that backs them, which is why it’s important to choose a company like olive.com® for your mechanical breakdown coverage options. You can get an instant online quote now 100% online at shop.olive.com.

Is it worth purchasing an extended car warranty?

If you are looking for coverage for mechanical repairs to your vehicle you will want to know if it will be worth the investment. There are many factors to consider, including, the condition of your car, mileage, model year, and where you live. In this article, we answer all these questions and others you may not have even thought of. Learn more…

Should I buy an extended warranty on a used car?

There are several factors that can contribute to the answer, when debating if you should purchase an extended warranty solution on a used car. With mechanical breakdowns 50x more likely to happen than car accidents, mechanical breakdown coverage can help cover those unexpected costs. This comprehensive article written by the team at olive.com® will help gain a better understanding if buying is for you. Learn more…


What does a car warranty cover?

If you are looking for additional coverage to help pay for auto repairs, it is important to know what is covered under your new plan and what your manufacturer’s warranty covers. Many mechanical breakdown insurance and vehicle service contract companies companies offer multiple levels of coverage as well as different deductables. Note: We recommend reading the Terms and Conditions of both your original manufacturer’s warranty and any post warranty coverage options. They will detail what is included in the coverage and what is not.

How do I stop those pesky extended car warranty robocalls?

Robocalls are as annoying as they are intrusive. At olive.com®, we have always been committed to staying far away from this marketing tactic that has created such a negative impact on your life and the industry. This guide will give you some helpful tips you to stop pesky robocalls from blowing up your phone every day. Learn more…

How does a car warranty work?

If you are in the market for an extended car warranty solution you probably have a lot of questions about how they work. How do you make a claim? Can you take your car to any repair shop? Do you have to take the car to your dealer? What types of coverage are available for auto repairs on my vehicle? Learn more…

What voids a car warranty?

If you have auto repair coverage you need to make sure you do not do anything to void it. This article helps you avoid this tragic mistakes that can cause you to lose coverage. Learn more…

How much do extended auto warranty solutions cost?

If you are in the market for mechanical breakdown insurance or a vehicle service contract, getting a price for your make and model may be more difficult than you had hoped. Very few companies display their pricing online.  If your vehicle qualifies with olive.com®, we will provide you with 9 different quote options. And if you use our online quote tool, you can quote and purchase 100% online in less than 2 minutes. Try our online quote tool now. Learn more…

Who has the best aftermarket car warranty?

While we believe that olive.com® has the best solutions available to protect many people from high auto repair costs, we put together this handy buyer’s guide to help you find the best coverage for your vehicle: Buyer’s Guide

What are vehicle service contracts?

Outside of California and across the US your best coverage option to pay for mechanical breakdowns often comes from companies that provide “vehicle service contracts”. However, we recommend reviewing several factors prior to purchasing. Review the pricing options before you buy one. Read the companies’ reviews and ratings on Google and through the BBB. Remember, if you have a vehicle that is 10 years old or newer, under 140,000 miles, and on the large list of makes and models we cover, you can get a 100% online quote in less than 2 minutes from shop.olive.com.

What is mechanical breakdown insurance? Is this different from a car warranty?

Many people think that getting extended coverage on their vehicle is through an “extended car warranty” provider. However, these are called vehicle service contracts in most of the US, and in California, 3rd party providers offer a service that is technically called “mechanical breakdown insurance”. The service you receive will be the same that is provided in any other U.S. state, but the California requires this to be sold by licensed insurance agents. Due to this state regulation many companies that provide vehicle service contracts across the US cannot provide this service in California, because they have not been approved to do so. Learn more…

Should I buy an extended car warranty on a used car?

Weighing your extended car warranty options is important. Whether or not you should buy an extended car warranty solution for your vehicle depends a number of factors: your financial resources, as well as the mileage, age, make and model of the automobile and the histrocial dependability of your make and model of car, SUV or truck. The olive.com® team wants to make sure you know all of your options so you can make the best decision for your car. Read More…

Who has the best extended car warranty for used vehicles?

The best extended auto warranty solution for you depends on the make of your car, the model, the mileage, your budget and much more. Our buyer’s guide is designed to help you find the best extended auto warranty for your specific situation Read The Buyer’s Guide

How much does an extended car warranty cost?

The cost of extended auto warranty solution depends on many factors. They are based on age, make, model and mileage of your car. Some companies make you pay all or some up front and/or add it to the loan on your vehicle, which means you will have a difficlut time canceling if that is even an option. At olive.com®, we charge an equal amount monthly and you can cancel any time. We have a handy buyers guide for extended auto warranty solutions including mechanical breakdown insurance and vehicle service contracts. More information on the cost of extended car warranty solutions

Can you cancel a car warranty?

One of the challenges of purchasing an extended auto warranty solution is cancelling it if you discover you no longer want or need the coverage. This can happen when it is financed into the purchase price of your car, when you are required to pay a lump sum up front, or simply because the company may make you jump through hoops and then they drag their feet in helping you. olive.com® is completely different. We only charge you monthly for your coverage, and you can cancel any time with a quick call. A truly no risk extended vehicle warranty solution. No wonder olive.com® has such high ratings with their customers!

What components are covered with olive.com® ?

Most car warranty solutions like Mechanical Breakdown Insurance and Vehicle Service Contracts provide protection for many unexpected vehicle repair bills due to mechanical failures rather than regular maintenance items like oil changes, brakes, air filters, etc. Mechanical failures can include things like your transmission, steering components, suspension components, coolant systems and more. It is important to keep your vehicle well maintained so it keeps you moving, but sometimes things go wrong due to a system or mechanical failure, and if your manufacture’s warranty runs out you will likley have to pay for an expensive repair. For details on what our plans cover including deductable options and more, Compare Coverage Plans.

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