your guide to finding the perfect used vehicle 

know what to look for before purchasing a used vehicle.

There are many things to consider when buying a new-to-you vehicle. At olive.comtm, we’ve got your back when it comes to finding out what’s most important to consider before buying. Use our Used Car Buyer’s Guide to learn what to look for when shopping for a used vehicle.

And when you find your perfect used vehicle, adventure with confidencetm. With any used vehicle, the chances of facing auto repairs down the road are probable. Protect your vehicle and your wallet with mechanical breakdown coverage from

are you prepared for a $5,000 auto repair bill?
let olive® handle it!

You pay your deductible and any non-covered items, we pay the service center.

National averages based on claims paid

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quote & buy 100% online

100% online

plans for every budget

plans for every budget

transparent pricing

transparent pricing

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Not to mention, 96% of olive® customers would recommend olive to their family and friends. When it comes time to protect your new-to-you vehicle against unexpected auto repair bills, we’ll be here!

olive® our plans.

olive coverage plans keep you moving by paying for unexpected repairs. Simply pay your deductible and any non-covered Items. We pay the rest.

olive powertrain plus

 olive powertrain plus vehicle service contract takes the benefits of our olive powertrain plan and turns it up a notch! Covering more than just the major parts, olive powertrain plus includes power steering, front suspension, brakes, and air conditioning components.

olive complete care

olive complete care vehicle service contract coverage is so comprehensive it’s easier to tell you what is excluded.  While tires and windshield wipers are not covered because they are wear and tear items, just about everything else is covered from your back up assist camera, to your transmission control module-we have olive it covered.

olive powertrain

olive powertrain vehicle service contract gives you the peace of mind that your drive-train is covered wherever you travel. olive powertrain covers all of the most expensive items, including every lubricated part of your transmission and engine. It covers other expensive repairs such as your water and oil pumps, thermostat. Got a factory turbocharger? Covered. And that's just the beginning.

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