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olive uses terms like “Warranty” and “Extended Warranty” as a means of relating to what most consumers recognize and search online.

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without a Jeep extended warranty, repairs can be costly

Jeep Brand vehicles are well built, durable vehicles. You count on them to be just that. But what happens when they prove otherwise? Just like with any vehicle, no matter how well crafted, items eventually break down. It is not uncommon to bring your Jeep Brand vehicle in for repairs. And although it may not be as often as other brands, issues will arise and will have to be fixed eventually. olive® wants you to prepare for the unexpected so to not break your wallet when needed.

olive® is shaking up the way Jeep vehicle drivers look at Mechanical Breakdown Protection beyond the basic Vehicle Service Contracts also known as Extended Warranties. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance works in conjunction with your original manufacturer’s warranty or your Jeep extended warranty with Mopar. With olive® you can count on the same level of durability and confidence to keep your Jeep Brand vehicle protected.

With easy online sign up, convenient monthly payment plans, and instant coverage, olive® provides the coverage you need, only a few clicks away!

why choose olive® to cover your Jeep against mechanical breakdowns?

  • No waiting period-quote today and get covered tomorrow.
  • Start coverage with up to 140,000 miles on your ride.
  • No yearly mileage limits-we cover you up to 185,000 miles no matter how quickly you get there.
  • Manageable monthly payments.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • 100% online process-or give us a call at 888-654-8348-your choice!

BBB A+ rating means coverage for your Jeep you can trust

Our products, customer service, and reputation for excellence have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’ve partnered with some of the insurance industry’s largest companies to back us. We’re in the business of helping you live life covered!

benefits of olive® coverage for your Jeep

  • Simple, transparent coverage plans to choose from
  • No waiting period for coverage – You can be covered overnight
  • Prices are fixed for the life of your term
  • Cancel anytime
  • Choose the deductible that makes most sense for your budget
  • No annual mileage restrictions
  • Coverage across the USA and Canada, no matter where you go

Best of all, because we are an insurance product, you will always have the protection of a powerhouse carrier securing your policy.

olive’s online quote-to-purchase process is user-friendly and integrates the database power of some of the industry’s most respected secure sources. 2 entries, you choose the coverage level that suits you best and voila, on to the purchase!

Customize your coverage

Reliability is important. With easy online sign up, convenient monthly payment plans, and instant coverage, olive® provides the coverage you need, only a few clicks away!

olive® covers vehicles up to 10 years old, going back as far as 2011 (until winter, 2021), including 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

current Jeep models covered

Compass Compass High Altitude Cherokee
Cherokee High Altitude Gladiator Gladiator North Edition
Grand Cherokee Renegade Renegade High Altitude
Wrangler Sedona Wrangler Willys

Work Hard, Play Hard

olive® knows you like to work hard and play hard. You deserve the very best and don’t have time to deal with mechanical failure of any kind. But no matter how well built your Jeep Brand vehicle is, costly mechanical issues are all but certain down the road.

Jeep vehicle’s known repair history

Most car manufacturers have recalls that consumers deal with from time to time. Jeep Brand vehicles are no exception. Even though Jeep Brand vehicles tend to be quite reliable it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of some common issues that can be found across many Jeep Brand makes and models.

Servicing your Jeep Brand vehicle will help but it won’t avoid wear and tear and unexpected repairs needed. Below are some of the common Jeep Brand repairs to be aware of.

Faulty Front and Rear Differentials

Throttle Position Sensor Failure

Power Steering

Exhaust Manifold Issues

Gaskets and Cover Leaks

Engine Performance Weakness

Faulty Hoses, Tanks and Valves

average Jeep repair costs with and without olive®

Auto repair costs have been rising across all four U.S. regions over the past several years. The average Jeep Brand vehicle labor costs at an average of $120.00 per hour which can add up per incident.

With olive®, in the event a repair is needed, you pay only your deductible.

engine replacement

without olive®

average cost of repair

with ®

just your deductible

power steering

without olive®

average cost of repair

with ®

just your deductible

front/rear differential

without olive®

average cost of repair

with ®

just your deductible

filing a claim for your Jeep repairs

rest assured. you have instant online access to coverage, and if needed, filing a claim is simple. our customer advocates are here to help!

once your claim is filed, pick your service center, show them your insurance card, pay your deductible and any non-covered parts and you are on your way!

click. save. relax.

Coverage is only a click away, and access to your account is virtually everywhere, quick, convenient, and Earth-friendly.

olive® is a better way to protect the investment and freedom you know as your car. With that first click comes the convenience of getting protection directly, and not from some third-party broker. We do this by providing affordable, accessible coverage for all vehicle types. Our frictionless mechanical breakdown protection even rescues long-distance trips from total ruin by providing overnight lodging for members, no waiting period required.

request a free quote

Coverage is only a click away, and access to your account is virtually everywhere, quick, convenient, and Earth-friendly.

customize your plan

From high-mile commuting, to low-mileage weekend fun, olive® has a perfect plan to cover your adventures.

live life covered

Life is full of unexpected twists, turns, and… potholes. olive® is peace of mind, wherever you find adventure.

convenient. straightforward. comprehensive.

Every year the cost of vehicle repairs continues to climb as vehicle complexity increases. The average cost of a single repair ranges from $500 to 600 dollars. Sound steep? It is, and that can be a real hit to the piggy bank. On average, drivers 18-34 paid between $2,000 and $3,000 in vehicle maintenance and repairs over five years of vehicle ownership. And that’s just the average. Many car owners paid more!

olive® is a better way to protect the investment and freedom you know as your car. We do this by providing affordable, accessible coverage for all vehicle types. Simply pick a plan that suits you, select a manageable deductible, and away you go. Click today and you’re covered tomorrow.

Life happens quickly. olive® is coverage that keeps up with you.

Jeep OEM warranty

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranties are included in your Jeep Brand purchase and they usually cover items under the hood like the engine and transmission wear and replacement along with internal components and electrical. However, each car manufacturer offers a different set of coverages.

Jeep Brand New Basic Limited Warranty – Three Years, 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

You can learn more about Jeep Brand OEM information here:

Jeep Vehicle History

Jeep brand is a division of FCA US LLC. FCA stands for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The Jeep brand has been built and headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. The first Jeep branded vehicle was released in 1945. Jeep has been a part of Chrysler since 1987. It was acquired from the American Motors Corporation (AMC) and had many owners prior to AMC. The Jeep became the main 4×4 vehicle of the United States Armed Forces. The term Jeep was used as Army slang for new vehicles and it became common worldwide during WWII. General C. Marshall, said that the Jeep 4×4 was, “America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare.”

After the war, the first vehicle released was the Jeep Station Wagon in 1946. Then in 1947, the Jeep Truck and later the Jeepster in 1948. The station wagon was an all steel vehicle built as a passenger auto. The Jeep Truck was introduced as a 1-ton four-wheel drive truck mainly marketed to American Farmers. The Jeepster was a 2-door, six-cylinder, passenger convertible. More Jeep vehicles were coming! Once Jeep approached the 50s, 60’s and 70’s, we saw rise to the recreation vehicle. Jeep was made for the adventurous! In addition to military and recreational vehicles, there have been many popular Jeep brand models over the years. The model CJ was in production from 1945 – 1986. The Wagoneer built from 1964 – 1983. The Jeep Wrangler from 1987 – current. Along with these models, others include the Liberty, the Commanche, the Cherokee. The Commander and the Renegade.

With over 100 FCA manufacturing plants, Jeeps are built and sold worldwide. Jeep produces over 1.4 million vehicles each year. The Jeep Brand has represented adventure over the years. Within the Jeep DNA, owners have lived the motto Go Anywhere, Do Anything. For them Jeep is a way of life. It holds a very proud origin and proud timeless ownership. One that is bound to continue year over year in the future.

olive® our plans.

olive® coverage plans keep you moving by paying for unexpected mechanical breakdowns repairs all with a simple monthly payment.

olive standard +

olive® Standard+ takes everything from our olive® Standard plan and kicks it up a notch! Going beyond just the major parts, Standard+ includes components in your power steering, front suspension, brakes, and air conditioning.

olive ultimate

olive® Ultimate coverage is so comprehensive it’s simpler to talk about what’s not covered. Regular wear and tear like tires and windshield wipers, well that’s not covered. But pretty much everything else from your transmission control module to your back up assist camera, we’ve got your back.

olive standard

olive® Standard is drive-train peace of mind, wherever the roads may wind. olive® Standard covers all of the big-ticket items. Every lubricated part of your engine and transmission, your water and oil pumps, thermostat, even factory turbocharger is covered. And that’s just the short list!

olive your commute

Frictionless transactions that get you back in the fast lane separate olive® from other forms of mechanical breakdown coverage. There’s no 30-day waiting period when you sign up for olive® coverage.

Click today. You’re covered tomorrow.

olive your travels

olive® gives you the confidence to adventure further. We cover your first hundred dollars of a towing bill, all across the continental United States with state-to-state availability.

Go ahead, wander freely; we’ll be there.

olive your investment

It’s the second-biggest financial purchase you’ll ever make. It’s a complicated rolling piece of technology and steel. olive® gives you peace of mind as you stockpile memories in your adventure-mobile.

olive® is coverage that keeps up with you.

bolster your budget

Stable monthly payments mean you stay on the road to reaching your goal of spending a little R&R in Aruba. If your vehicle does get sent to the mechanic for an emergency repair, olive® is with you. You pay your deductible, and olive® does the rest, paying the rest of the repair cost and dealing directly with the repair shop. olive® keeps worry at bay by shielding you from the unexpected. Sleep soundly, dreaming of icy beverages and white sand, because olive® your mechanical breakdown fears now have a solution.

go olive® the places!

olive® understands that your car, truck, or SUV is not just another purchase. It’s the second biggest financial decision you’ll make. With your vacation fund intact and coverage blanketing the continental United States, now might be a good time to head out on that road trip you’ve been planning. And if that “check engine light” decides to illuminate itself half-way through the Mojave desert, rest assured because you’re covered wherever you roam. We even cover the first $100 in towing costs for covered repairs.

yes, olive® is transferrable.

Why are cars with mechanical breakdown coverage more likely to command higher resale value than their uninsured counterparts? Having a mechanical breakdown coverage plan on your vehicle proves to buyers that your car, truck, or SUV has been well cared for. In most cases, purchasing a vehicle that has mechanical breakdown coverage means that the owner has already fixed those vehicle-specific problems that are common to that specific make and model.

Given a choice between two identical vehicles, one with mechanical breakdown coverage transferring with it, and the other without any sort of guarantee, a consumer’s clear choice is the vehicle that is covered. olive® helps mitigate vehicle depreciation by adding resale value to your ride. olive® is coverage when you need it, and, when you no longer need it, olive® is coverage you can transfer when you sell your vehicle.

olive® our coverage is backed

Extended car warranties are like a promise, only as good as the person making it.

Last year, over 40 million used cars and trucks were sold in the US alone. Many dealers try to include a Jeep extended warranty for used cars sold, but are all extended warranties the same? In a word: no. Extended car warranties are like a promise, it’s only as good as the person making it.

olive® is backed by an insurance provider with a long history of satisfying their customers. They’ve secured a consistent “A” rating from A.M. Best and an “A+” rating from Standard & Poor. We only partner with the best, so our coverage can be the same: the best.

An olive® plan is an excellent alternative to a Jeep extended warranty, it’s frictionless coverage backed by an insurance mainstay.

the true cost of ownership

Vehicle complexity is higher than it has ever been, which also causes car repairs to be pricier than they’ve ever been. The average length of a car loan now sits at 68 months. Over that five-year period of ownership, the average cost for repairs/breakdowns is between $2,000 and $3,000. Many drivers are a breakdown away from taking a serious financial hit.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, olive’s plans act like an extended auto warranty, paying for serious mechanical repairs as they come up. But, unlike an extended auto warranty, an olive® plan covers more parts than your average extended auto warranty, and olive® is backed by an insurance underwriter with a consistent “A” rating from A.M. Best, an “A+” rating from Standard & Poor. olive® is coverage backed by a rich history of success.

coverage for every driver type

new car owners

A new vehicle is a significant financial investment and one that can depreciate quickly. Taking care of your investment is vital for the retention of its value. olive® helps keeps your vehicle in pristine condition without the stress of having to pay for large, out of pocket expenses.

expired manufacturers’ warranty

There’s a reason your manufacturer’s warranty only covers bumper-to-bumper repairs for the first 3 years/36,000 miles. After this magical date, your vehicle is likely to require expensive repairs. olive® goes way beyond your vehicle’s original warranty, letting you rack up the miles with confidence.


Between soccer practice, laundry, dinner, and impromptu water-balloon fights, we know that family life is a busy life. olive® is here to take the worry out of a mechanical breakdown, so you can keep on schedule and on budget.

educated consumers

It’s smart to be leary of over-priced dealer extended warranties (which carry up to 300% markup!) olive® plans cover the big expensive parts and all the little parts that connect them together. olive® is affordable, direct from the underwriter, coverage.

olive® the difference

Our olive® Ultimate protection plan not only pays for the covered components, but it pays for the labor and the metal hoses, couplings, seals and gaskets, linkages, and control valves (just to name a few). Now that’s coverage superior to an average extended warranty!

When you start adding up the cost of diagnostic time, parts, labor to install the parts, accessory parts, fittings, hoses, gaskets, and couplings, the true cost of a repair becomes a bloated, nightmarish affair.

olive’s budget-friendly monthly fee makes a ton of financial sense. olive® coverage acts like an extended warranty, without the financial headache.

why olive®?


It sounds strange, but peace of mind is one of the best reasons to have olive® mechanical breakdown insurance.


olive® mechanical breakdown insurance protects you from shelling out hard-earned cash on surprise breakdowns.


With olive® on your side, you can have the confidence to go on that outrageous road trip you’ve been planning.