frequently answered questions.

what is olive® coverage?

What is olive mechanical breakdown coverage?

You already have auto insurance for your fender-benders. Our mechanical breakdown coverage takes care of the big stuff, like your engine, transmission, and everything that gets the tires rolling.

How does mechanical breakdown coverage work?

In the event of a breakdown, head straight to your preferred service provider to receive priority service and the highest quality repairs! Then contact an olive Coverage Advocate at 800.773.9980. It’s that easy, you pay the deductible, plus any non-covered items. We’ll cover the rest.

what’s covered?

Is labor covered?

Indubitably (that’s a fancy yes!). For all covered components, both the parts and the labor are covered by an olive plan.

Is routine maintenance covered?

olive is here for the big stuff. You keep up with the regular maintenance and we’ll jump in when unexpected breakdowns happen.

how much do I pay?

Do I pay a deductible per each item repaired in one visit to a repair facility?

No. As long as it’s the same visit, you only have to pay the deductible a single time.

How much is the deductible?

That’s one of the great things about an olive coverage plan, you get to pick your deductible based on how much you want your monthly payment to be. Find out your great rate!

How much is an olive mechanical breakdown coverage plan?

It varies by the car and mileage, but typically our plans run from $30 to $80 a month. Find out your great rate!

While my vehicle is in the shop for olive covered repairs, can I have additional non-covered items repaired?

You absolutely can, just keep in mind that anything outside of our extensive coverage plans will be out of pocket for you.

If my vehicle is disabled, does olive cover to tow it to a service center?

olive reimburses you for up to $100 each time your vehicle has an eligible repair visit.

How much can I save if I buy an olive coverage plan for my car, truck or SUV?

The average cost of an engine replacement including labor is over $5,000 dollars with some modern engines going well beyond that. And that’s just the engine. With over 30,000 parts in a vehicle, the possibility for expensive repairs is endless. To sum up: olive could save you a lot.

does my vehicle qualify?

How do I know if my Car, Truck or SUV qualifies for coverage?

It probably does! We cover the majority of auto brands including luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW, from brand new up to 10 model years old.

You can get a quote and purchase it online in under 2 minutes without ever having to wait on hold.

Is there a mileage restriction with olive coverage plans?

There is. But, unlike other plans that max out at 75,000 or even 100,000 miles, with olive, you can start coverage up to 10-model years and 140,000 miles into your vehicle’s life. Then, olive covers you another 3 years to 185,000 miles or 14-model years, whichever comes first. That’s comprehensive coverage for every adventure!

Is an inspection required in order to activate my olive policy?

No. That’s one of the things that makes an olive plan unique. Your coverage becomes active the day after you sign up!

How do I know if olive covers the make and model of my car, truck or SUV?

We cover the majority of auto brands including luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW, from brand new to up to 10 model years old.

You can get a quote and purchase it online in under 2 minutes without ever having to wait on hold.

What is covered and not covered?

Each of our extensive plans covers a lengthy list of components ranging from every single lubricated part of your engine to your electronic instrument cluster. Take a look here.

Can you show me a sample contract for my Car, Truck, or SUV?

Of course! Click here.

What if my vehicle has a pre-existing condition?

Unfortunately, pre-existing conditions, whether known or unknown, aren’t covered. Even though they are not covered, we are happy to help coordinate the repair and benefit from our pre-negotiated rates.

How likely is it that my car will break down and I will need to file a claim?

Every year cars get more complicated. With the increase of complexity comes the increase in breakdown likelihood. Add the ever-increasing cost of repairs, and driving becomes a serious financial challenge.

I want to buy a new car or sell my old one – is my olive coverage plan transferable?

Yes. olive plans are transferrable which can lead to an increase in your vehicle’s value when you sell it. It’s like icing on a cake!

And, we can cover your brand new vehicle saving you money over the dealership. olive provides coverage for your new car interest-free for a 5-year or 7-year term.

Where am I covered by olive coverage plans?

Anywhere you can drive in the continental United States or Canada. Go ahead, plan that epic road trip. We’ll be with you every single mile.

Why olive? What are the best reasons to buy an olive coverage plan?

Sleep. It sounds strange but peace of mind is one of the best reasons to have an olive plan.

Freedom. olive protects you from shelling out your hard-earned cash on surprise repairs giving you the freedom to do what you want with your money.

Confidence. With olive on your side you can have the confidence to plan that outrageous road trip you’ve been planning.

If I purchase an olive coverage plan now and change my mind, can I get my money back?

Every olive coverage plan can be cancelled at any time. Since you’re paying a monthly fixed price its easy to cancel and end your subscription.