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we’re joining forces – and it’s a good thing!

We’re on a mission to make auto repairs transparent and affordable for everyone. That’s why Uproar.car is joining olive.comtm. Together, we’ll innovate and improve our customers’ lives while keeping our promise of:

transparent pricing

pick repair facility

no monthly price increase

choose deductible

no-pressure guarantee

quote & buy 100% online

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olive.com is the online leader for mechanical breakdown coveragetm.

extended car warranty questions and answers

Annette T

Leticia was patient, kind, knowledgeable and caring about my experience with your company. She went above and beyond to meet my needs. I had a complicated issue and was very frustrated. She de-escalated my frustration and walked me through the entire process and went and got assistance to get my issue resolved. She called me back with all the details.


William M.

Very informative and the prices are good. Tried other Car Shield type plans, olive is the only one that did service in California.


Linds K.

Had an excellent experience. Olive is one of the best rated warranty companies. The representative was knowledgeable and got me set up in minutes. Really excellent service.


Donna P.

I was worried until my service writer said “no problem” after calling for authorization. From then on it was seamless and efficient. My Olive warranty is the best thing that’s happened for my car and the most worry free purchase I’ve made in a long time.


Efrain A.

I have searched many companies and could not really find one that would cover in California. I found them and they answered my questions quickly. Very easy to sign up.


David G.

I had a great experience with Olive. I went from considering warranty to being fully covered in 15 minutes. Thank you Barbra so much for your help!!


Claudia P.

Very happy Representative, Barbara Guerra, contacted me regarding auto maintenance on our Jeep Compass. She was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding my needs. I most definitely will tell family and friends about Olive auto warranty repairs.


Ann A.

Arnie, was a great professional making sure to answer all my questions. Never made me feel like I wasn’t important but took his time to make sure I understood what I could expect from him and the company. GREAT JOB!!!!!


Peggy H.

I experienced a call and assistance from a wonderful agent Barbara. Excellent customer service, patient and answered my concerns. Thank you

frequently asked questions.


what is olive.com and how does it work?

olive.com coverage protects your wallet from unexpected auto repairs. When your car experiences a breakdown, you pick the repair facility and pass the bill to olive.com.

what does this mean for Uproar.car?

All Uproar.car employees are now part of the olive.com team! Together, we will continue to disrupt the vehicle repair plan industry to bring fair and transparent protection against unexpected auto repair bills to customers like you.

Whether you’ve been with us for a couple of days or a couple of years, thank you for being part of Uproar.car and trusting us with your vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact the Uproar.car Customer Care Team at customercare@uproar.car or (833) 500-2345.

how much does olive.com cost?

Monthly payments vary based on the age of the vehicle, zip code and vehicle mileage. With three plan options and the ability to choose your deductible, there’s a plan for every budget. See your olive price 100% online

why did Uproar.com become olive.com?

Uproar.car and olive have a shared passion for making mechanical breakdown coverage available to everyone. We’re coming together to do more for our customers, their vehicles and their wallets.

what does this mean for Uproar.car customers?

Your vehicle’s coverage will stay the same. There will be no changes to your monthly rate or your length of term. You’ll also keep access to the Uproar.car app and membership benefits included in your current plan.

how will claims be handled for Uproar.car customers?

When you need to make a claim, contact the Uproar.car Customer Care Team at customercare@uproar.car. You can also start a claim through the Uproar.car app. Roadside assistance is still available through the app, or by calling (800) 999-4501 (acct: 130040).

where can I learn more about olive.com?

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, olive.com products, customer service, and reputation for excellence have earned it an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and partnerships with leading insurance companies and globally recognized brands. For more information, please visit https://olive.com/.

will my Uproar.car coverage continue?

While we’re working on new things at olive.com, we will continue to provide coverage for Uproar.car customers along with a dedicated Customer Care Team for support.

will there be changes to my Uproar.car contract?

There will be no changes to your Uproar.car contract. Your monthly price and length of term will remain the same. You’ll also keep all your additional membership benefits included in your current plan. If you have any questions, contact our Customer Care Team at customercare@uproar.car.

how do I file an Uproar.car claim?

When you need to make a claim, contact our Customer Care Team customercare@uproar.car. You can also start a claim through the Uproar.car app.