Our Top 5 Alternative Uses for Olive® Oil

We like to have fun here at olive® and think its important to pass along info at the same time.

Olive® oil dates back over 6,000 years. Olive® oil is oil pressed from olives. Most believe it originated in the Mediterranean region. Historically, olive® oil has been used in medicine, ceremonies and is an important food source. Regular olive® oil can be used in cooking and it is one of the best fats one can eat but what about the alternative uses for olive® oil?
Below we would like to suggest some alternative uses for olive® oil that might come in handy the next time you need them.

Get Rid of Gum or Paint in Hair

Olive® oil is a great oil to help remove paint or gum from one’s hair. Simply apply some oil to the hair and paint or gum and leave on for five to ten minutes. The gum or paint should be removed easily. Definitely do not use your scissors!

Revive Rain Boots

Another great use for olive® oil is to clean and shine old rain boots. Rub olive® oil on vinyl or your rubber boots and you’ll eliminate scuff marks and brighten them up. Keep the oil off the soles though, we don’t want you slipping next time you are in the rain!

Shine Stainless Steel

Olive® oil has great sheen to it and another use is to shine stainless steel. Just rub some olive® oil on a soft rag or paper towel and apply to a stainless steel pot or pan, silverware or even on your kitchen sink. You’ll find the items will shine right up! Unlike other products that could be harsh on your stainless steel, this won’t dull or wear your items down.

Help my Ring is Stuck!

This problem comes up from time to time. The next time it happens to you, rub some olive® oil on your finger and the ring. The oil will add a bit of slip and should slide right off your finger.


Do you have a squeaky door? Nothing is as easy as adding a bit of olive® oil to make it go away. Simply take a cotton ball or soft rag, apply oil and add it to the top of the hinge in your home or on your vehicle.


There ya go! Have fun using olive® oil in a way that you might not have used before!